As part of your organisation’s subscription, all OutNav account holders become members of the OutNav Community, opening up access to a programme of learning and support to help you make the most of OutNav.

OutNav Community meetings take place online every quarter. They are welcoming and supportive learning and sharing sessions, open to anyone with (or soon to have) an OutNav account.

Next meeting

  • 9 September 2021, 9.30 – 11.00 am (BST)
  • Online (Zoom – room opens 9.25 am)
  • Open to OutNav account holders
  • Registration required (see below)

Each meeting is lightly structured around a particular topic, usually incorporating a mix of invited and informal contributions from OutNav Community members, input from members of the Matter of Focus team, and group discussion

September meeting’s focus

Using case studies to help you tell your story

When you hear about how someone has benefited from their work with an organisation, or how a programme targeted a specific problem and made a difference, your ears often prick up. Getting down to the detail and focusing on one example can really help illustrate what an organisation or approach does.

Case studies are a story-telling technique that focus on a person, project or programme and highlight how an initiative made a difference. They are commonly used in impact and outcome reporting, to share examples of great work via websites or social media, and to help bring to life specific aspects of the work and the people who deliver and gain most from it.

The Matter of Focus approach really lends itself to a case study approach, and our headings: what we did, who with, how they feel etc can help structure case studies just as they structure an overall contribution story.

Clients across our work have come up with interesting and innovative ways of using case studies, and this meeting is a chance to hear more about this, and to learn and share. We will look at different approaches to case studies, different ways they have been shared, and consider how you might fit them into your approach to assessing your work.


  • Welcome
  • Small group introductions
  • What are case studies and how do they help with outcome and impact evaluation?
  • Different ways of using case studies: examples from the Community
  • Using OutNav to create a case study story
  • Thoughts and discussion
  • Questions and close, we will keep the meeting open to anyone that wants to stay on and chat!


Please log in to OutNav for the link to register. You will find it under the OutNav Community Notices heading on the right of your OutNav organisation homepage.

Not a member of the OutNav Community?

If you are interested in using OutNav for your work and would like to come along to an OutNav Community meeting to learn more about it, please get in touch.

Further meeting dates for 2021

  • Thursday 9 December, a.m.