Learn to tell a more powerful impact story.

Next running: May 2023
Provisional workshop dates: Tuesdays 2-4 pm (BST)

Expert workshop series

Funders and stakeholders really sit up and take notice when the impact of a piece of research is presented clearly. But it can be difficult to unpick what impact your research is having, and even more challenging to evidence.  Especially when you’re trying to demonstrate impact on society.

Our Research Impact School is led by Dr Sarah Morton, who has an international reputation as a leader in the fields of knowledge exchange and research impact.

Sarah has designed this workshop series to give you the expert knowledge and tools you need to tell a more powerful impact story. One that can change minds, shift perceptions and possibly even inspire a policy rethink. 

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An introduction to our approach to research impact assessment and our expert workshop series.

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Join Sarah for four 2-hour practical and stimulating workshops taking place remotely over Zoom. Share what she’s learned over a decade working in the field of research impact.

What will be covered?

  • How to plot an impact map
  • Using impact maps to assess impact
  • Assessing impact – potential indicators (what works)
  • Identifying data (and gaps) to evidence your impact
  • Desiging data collection
  • Building your impact story
  • Sharing your impact story with different audiences, including REF and ARC impact case study requirements.

What will you gain?

  • A wider understanding of the challenges around tracking the impact of research on communities, policy, practice or the public
  • A measurable impact story with identified data and feedback
  • Strategies for getting feedback that insure your impact story is robust and credible
  • Practical advice to help you improve, build and refine your impact story for different audiences
  • Unlimited access to OutNav our innovative impact tracking tool for the duration of the course plus 3 months afterwards. (All work is fully downloadable after that point if you choose not to continue with a paid subscription.)

Who would benefit from attending this workshop series

  • Researchers or research leaders
  • Impact officers
  • Public engagement professionals
  • Knowledge exchange leaders

Anyone that wants to develop a good understanding of research impact and plan for bringing a body of evidence together to tell a robust story or create a case study. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss whether this training is right for you. 

All the expert advice you need to make a great start

This workshop series has been timed so that by the end of June you will have the structure and beginnings of your impact story. You will be prepared and ready start to demonstrating the impact of your work much more powerfully to your institution, your funders or wider stakeholders.

Unlimited access to OutNav for 3 months


  • Use of OutNav our impact tracking software for the duration of the series and a further 3 months
  • Invite members of your team to join you in OutNav for free
  • Ongoing support to use OutNav via our twice-weekly drop-in help sessions (Teams and Zoom options)
  • A one-to-one support session.


Next running: May 2023
Provisional workshop dates: Tuesdays 2-4 pm (BST)

Workshop One: 2 May
Workshop Two: 9 May
Workshop Three: 16 May
Co-working Session: 23 May
Workshop Four: 30 May

Showcase Event: late August tbc

How much does this series cost?

The fees for 2023’s Research Impact School will be available in August 2022.


What are the payment options?

Payment is not required to reserve your place, but will be arranged once we have confirmed your reservation, and must be received before the start of the workshop series unless otherwise agreed in advance. Invoice and credit card payment options are available.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel your booking up to 10 working days before the course starts you will not be charged. If you need to cancel your booking after that date you will be charged but we will offer you a space when the course next runs. If you do not attend all sessions of the course, you will still be charged in full.

Can I make a group booking?

If you would like to make a group booking, please contact us.

What happens if I miss a workshop?

Please make sure you can attend all four workshops before you book. As these are 2-hour workshops, if you miss one there will be a big gap and it will be difficult to catch up.

Do I need to prepare anything ahead of the workshop series?

During the course you will work a specific project where you would like to track impact. This might be a research dissemination, policy influencing, practice influencing, community engagement or co-production project, where evidence to action, knowledge mobilisation or public engagement with research is the focus. Please make sure you have thought about this in advance of attending the course! You will use this focus to learn about tools and techniques that you will be able to apply to other work.

What platforms will I be working on?

We will meet in Zoom, and you will work on Miro and in our own software OutNav.

Booking will open in September 2022

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