Our expert consultancy support will help you

  • Be more outcome and impact focused: ensure your strategy and operations are linked and aligned to what matters.

  • Be more impactful: use your data and feedback to learn and improve to make the best difference possible.

  • Evidence your outcomes and impact: tell a strong story of the difference you make.

An illustration showing a sequence of illustrated characters representing different elements of a workflow. The first character has a light bulb above their head, symbolizing learning and understanding. The second character looks at a data document held by the third character who has question mark in their speech bubble, indicating a need for information or a decision. The final character works at a computer.

We offer tried and tested tools and techniques to help your organisation become more outcome focused and impact ready. We also bring insights from our work with hundreds of organisations that face similar challenges to yours.

Recognising that every penny your organisation spends needs to contribute to making a positive difference to the people and communities you care about, we only work where we know we can bring value.

By adopting our approach, client organisations have found themselves becoming more efficient, effective, and better able to leverage funding.

How we approach working together

We work with you to develop a tailored programme of expert support, delivered in a way that works for your team and wider stakeholders and your budget. Our approach to working together generally follows this route:

  • Stage one
    We start with a conversation about your work and challenges and discuss if our approach is a good fit for you. Exploring if there is potential to work together often takes place over a series of calls. Get in touch!
  • Stage two
    Understand and agree
    If we both think there is a good fit we will write a proposal outlining the work we will deliver with you. We can also help you make the case for the work to funders or key decision makers. Once we have your agreement, we will produce a detailed statement of work including key milestones and timelines for our work together.
  • Stage three
    Unpack and explore
    Sometimes our work starts with an exploration stage. This might include reviewing your existing outcomes, working through our readiness assessment to help you prepare for more outcome-focused work, or delivering sessions with leaders or influencers.
  • Stage four
    We deliver our agreed package of meetings, training, and workshops to meet your challenges. This phase can run over a period of days, months or longer, and often runs alongside phase five.
  • Stage five
    Our software OutNav helps you embed outcome and impact thinking and working into your organisation and gives you the power to self-evaluate and track your own impact. OutNav support includes onboarding and training, and often collective online sessions in the tool. Discover OutNav
  • Stage six
    Ongoing support
    We are there for clients for the long term. Consultancy support can take place over several phases or years, tailored to fit the needs of your initiative. OutNav subscribers can buy consultancy services at reduced rates and, because we can support your work directly in OutNav, a small amount of support can go a long way.

Support and services we offer

Training and capacity building

We can support your team to develop their thinking on outcomes or impact. We offer full day training courses, or one-off masterclasses for senior staff. We can support the development of research skills – in data collection, analysis or reporting.

Outcome or impact strategy and masterclasses

Would you like to orientate senior staff to an outcome or impact mindset? We offer bespoke sessions for your organisation, bringing our experts to help think through some of your outcome and impact challenges.

Co-produced outcome frameworks

Do you want all of your outcomes coordinated into one framework, with consultation from stakeholders, perhaps people with lived experience? We have extensive experience of developing outcome frameworks with different groups of people. We can help you:

  • streamline your outcomes
  • get everyone in agreement about what outcomes are important.
  • bring multiple voices to consult on organisational outcomes.

Theory of change / pathway to impact development

We have developed theories of change and pathways to impact with hundreds of organisations and teams. We provide a simple framework and expert facilitation to bring your theory of change to life so that everyone can see and agree how your activities link to the outcomes and impacts that matter to you.

Evaluation framework development

If you need an evaluation framework with data sources, methods and indicators, we can help you do build this through theory of change development, data audit and giving you a comprehensive plan to follow so you can implement the framework to evaluate your work. This can include our evaluation software OutNav.

Learning partner

Do you seek a learning partner to help embed impact thinking into your work and help facilitate learning behaviours in your team? We have provided this sort of support to many organisations over the years and can tailor this to your needs. It might include reflective sessions, collective analysis, building collaborative evaluation frameworks, consultation with different stakeholders. This is all underpinned by our expert facilitation and extensive experience of similar organisations. See our learning partner page for more.

Data audit and improvement

It can be hard to know where to start with data for impact and outcomes. We support you to audit and improve your existing data to focus on the elements that are most important to building your evidence base.

We bring lots of different ideas, tools and techniques to help you improve data and collect more where needed in a streamlined way that ensures you have the data you need to learn and improve and report effectively and efficiently to funders.

At the end of the data auditing process, you will have a plan in OutNav that shows how your current data and feedback can help you evidence your outcomes and where more work is required.

Data collection and analysis services and support

Data collection

We can support you to collect your own data or provide services such as survey design and conducting interviews or focus groups on your behalf. This means you can increase your data collection and analysis capacity by working with our team.

Data analysis support

We support teams to analyse different kinds of data and bring them together to understand where things are going well and what can be improved. We do this through collective analysis sessions and building skills in data analysis. This means you team will be regularly considering your data and making informed decisions, as well as building a compelling impact story.

Reporting in an outcome and impact focused way

Reporting well on outcomes and impact is tricky. We can help you nail the most compelling narrative about your work and bring it to life with illustrations and evidence.

If you work in our softare OutNav you will be assembling the building blocks of your impact story through analysis sessions, ready to report at the touch of a button.

Accessible inclusion of people with lived experience

We are experts in including people with lived experience in evaluation and impact tracking. We can design and deliver workshops that are accessible to a range of needs and work closely with you to ensure that these fit with the culture and values of your organisation.

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What people say about our workshops

The facilitation was great, encouraging open ended reflections.
Workshop attendee (anonymous feedback)
Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)
Your creativity in making quite a complex topic into an easy to understand, interactive and fun session was perfect.
Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities
The focus group discussions were so rich and thought provoking.
Workshop attendee (anonymous feedback)
Future Pathways
I thoroughly enjoyed how inclusive the space was and how critically aware the facilitators were about ensuring a balance of perspectives and also when there was disparity of views in the room. It was very informative without being an overload of information and I felt very heard.
Workshop attendee (anonymous feedback)
I have found the sessions great! Very useful to think back with everyone. I really like the support which allows the conversations to flow and be collated rather than too rigidly keeping to questions.
Workshop attendee (anonymous feedback)
Froebelian Futures