We can help you on your outcome evaluation journey

What we do

Getting to grips with outcome-focused monitoring and evaluation can take time. The Matter of Focus team has more than 50 years’ collective experience in helping organisations grappling with evidence and outcomes.

We work with teams in engaging, interactive and supportive workshops and meetings to:

Bring together staff and stakeholders to understand the outcomes that matter to you, the context in which you work and how this affects your projects and programmes.

Matter-of-Focus-Consultancy Bringing people together

Develop one or more clear and accessible outcome maps that show how your project or programme contributes to improving outcomes.

Matter-of-Focus-Consultancy Mapping Outcomes

Review the evidence you already have and identify opportunities to improve this, including thinking through how you can collect data as part of your day to day work.

Matter-of-Focus-Consultancy improve

Analyse your data and assess how well your programme is progressing and what you can do to improve.

Matter-of-Focus-Consultancy Measure progress

Plan your reporting, including what is the story you need to tell and who do you need to share it with.

Matter-of-Focus-Consultancy Tell your story

We bring robust tried and tested approaches and techniques to this process that will help you make progress quickly.

Consultancy support

The cost depends on the ambition, size and scope of your project, programme or organisation. A trial of OutNav is provided free during consultancy work. If you would like to explore a tailored package of support to achieve your organisation’s aims, we'd welcome the opportunity to talk.

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In line with our mission and values we aim to make our products and services an affordable way for public service organisations to become more effective, efficient and attractive to funders.

Community of practice feature

Community of practice

Everyone we work with becomes a member of our OutNav community of practice: a positive, constructive space within which to share learning and solve problems together. We run face to face events in Scotland and will be adding webinars soon.

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Courses and Training feature

Courses and training

We run open courses and training that can be booked on a place-by-place basis. Sign up to our mailing list so we can let you know when we are launching the next set of events.

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