In this recorded live webinar Ailsa draws on the work we have done with several diverse organisations in order to make the case for better use of qualitative data in public services.

About this webinar 

The data mismatch

Public service organisations are awash with data and information. Be it captured electronically in Word documents and Excel spreadsheets or in paper form, you can tell a lot about an organisation by the information it keeps.  

All to often there is a mismatch between the kinds of data captured, processed and reported in an organisation and the work that is done.  

The data and information held by an organisation is often as much a function of its past funding and reporting requirements as it is of the work being done right now. As a result, many organisations are stuck in a cycle of endless tick boxes, constantly feeding the ‘data sausage machine’ as opposed to gathering and using data that actually helps them in their work.  

As our public services change, so do their data requirements. It is not possible to simply measure collaboration, co-production, prevention and personalisation, but it is important that evidence is captured through these processes so we can learn, improve and understand how they contribute to making the changes we hope for.  

In this webinar Ailsa makes the case for better use of qualitative data in public services and shares some practical approaches we have used with diverse organisations to integrate qualitative data into their systems and processes.  

Who will find this webinar of interest? 

Anyone working in public services with an interest in data and information and service improvement.  

This is a recording of a webinar that was held live on 26 November 2019.

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