A webinar for people who care about contributing to the outcomes that matter.

In this webinar, we explore theories of change and how to put them into action to transform the way you understand, implement, and evaluate how your work makes a difference to the people and communities you care about.

What the webinar covers

  • What is a theory of change?
  • Creating a theory of change
  • How to use a theory of change
  • Examples of project, programme and strategic theories of change

Who will find this webinar of interest

Programme leaders, project managers, decision-makers, and change-makers from third sector and public sector organisations who want to make the best difference they can and understand their impact.

Watch the webinar

This webinar was held live on 26 September 2023

Evaluating impact within complex systems: the importance of context

This webinar addresses the importance of understanding the unique and complex context in which you are working. Drawing on examples from our work, we show how by mapping context you can articulate the risks and assumptions that underpin your theory of how change will happen in your programme or initiative.
Watch online here