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What is OutNav?

OutNav is our innovative cloud-based software that underpins our approach to outcome monitoring and evaluation. It provides a platform to manage your outcome evaluation - a single place to hold your outcome maps and for collecting, collating and analysing data.

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Key features

OutNav takes you on a logical and user-friendly journey through the steps to develop a meaningful and practical approach to outcome-focused monitoring and evaluation.

OutNav lets you develop, hold and share one or more outcome maps that visualise how your activities contribute effectively to improving outcomes.


OutNav allows any of your team to contribute feedback, reflections and data when needed.


OutNav creates a streamlined system for all your data, feedback and evidence so you have what you need to tell your story at your fingertips.


OutNav provides a method for structured qualitative data analysis and a visual way of tracking progress and rating confidence in your data.


OutNav creates impactful outcome-based reports for funders, stakeholders and learning that can be dynamically shared online, or downloaded for editing.

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With OutNav you can...

  • Be more efficient: understand and prioritise activities that make the biggest impact.

  • Be more effective: streamline your data and evidence around the outcomes that matter to you.

  • Be more attractive to funders: tell a well-evidenced story of the difference you make.

OutNav can be used for single projects and whole organisations and has been designed to promote collaboration. Our tailored support process ensures OutNav fits your needs.

What our clients say

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The cost of an annual subscription to OutNav depends on the size and ambition of your project, programme or organisation. Annual subscriptions start at £850 with cost-efficient bundles available for multiple projects or organisation-wide use.

In line with our mission and values, we aim to make our products and services an affordable way for public service organisations to become more effective, efficient and attractive to funders.

If you think our approach is a good fit for you but affordability is an issue, please get in touch to see how we can help.

Community of practice feature

Community of practice

Everyone we work with becomes a member of our OutNav Community: a positive, constructive space within which to share learning and solve problems together. We run face to face events in Scotland as well as webinars for our Community members.

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Support services

We provide face to face and virtual support services to help you on your outcome evaluation journey. We can support you to map your outcomes, develop theories of change, collect and analyse data to evidence your work, and help with reporting.

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