Most organisations that buy an OutNav subscription also buy a package of tailored support to help them get up and running. In this post we outline what to expect from our tailored support.

Support tailored to your needs

Our tailored support package comprises a series of expertly facilitated workshops to help you understand the outcomes and impacts that matter, streamline your feedback, explore data analysis, and think about the sort of reporting you need.

The content and timescale of the support can be tailored to suit your project, programme or organisation’s needs and ambitions. Most commonly, our tailored support usually lasts a few months and helps you think through the levels of analysis you want to consider in your organisation or initiative and makes sure you have the tools you need to track change and tell your story.  

By the end of the work you will have:

  • a better understanding of the outcomes and impacts that matter to your organisation, expressed in a clear framework that everyone can understand
  • a stronger understanding about how to work well with outcomes and evidence, and how to reconcile the demands of different funders 
  • prioritised your most important data gathering tools 
  • your outcome work set up in OutNav and a summary outcome-focused report 
  • a plan in place to support you to take the work forward in OutNav

What you get

  • Following an initial conversation with you to find out about your initiative and your needs and requirements, we will provide you with an initial proposal of support with costings (for more about cost, see below).
  • Should you wish to take this work forward, an inception meeting will follow during which we work with you to tailor the scope and timescale of the workshop programme and agree who needs to be invited to take part at each stage. We will then provide you with a detailed statement of work. It is at this stage that final costs and terms and conditions are agreed.
  • A member of the Matter of Focus team will project manage all the agreed activities in your programme of support: they will be your point of contact throughout.
  • We will engage your team in the agreed series of online workshops, usually over the course of 2-6 months depending on the size and ambition of the work.
  • Between workshops you will get expert help from the Matter of Focus team (e.g. to refine outcome maps, develop surveys, analyse and report on data).
  • When you have come to the end of your tailored support package, we will discuss and agree a follow up plan with you and provide ongoing support from our team to ensure you continue to have success in OutNav.
  • Alongside and after your tailored support package, your OutNav subscription will include membership of the OutNav Community for everyone in your OutNav team. This membership includes access to twice-weekly drop-in help sessions and quarterly shared learning meetings.

I think the work of Matter of Focus is transformational in terms of measurement, and ultimately showing how we contribute to social change. 

Dr. Catherine Maternowska – Data, Evidence & Learning, End Violence Against Children Partnership

What to expect in our workshops

We are experts in facilitating workshops that help organisations build a shared understanding about how their work makes a difference. People tell us our workshops are fun, engaging, supportive, and help teams build confidence in their work.  

We have taken our workshops fully online and have been working successfully in this way with new clients. We bring together your team in Zoom or Teams and work alongside a shared Miro whiteboard space. Most online workshops are two hours long as we feel this is optimum for productivity.  

An online outcome mapping workshop

Our typical programme of workshops

This will vary according to the size and ambition of your work.

Context and success story workshop

We know that when work is about people and relationships then it is important to understand how you contribute to change, and what contextual factors might help or hinder your progress. We start our tailored support by engaging your team in contextual analysis that will help you understand the unique context of your work and identify enablers of change.

Outcome mapping workshop

The outcome mapping workshop is a fully participatory process of understanding and linking activities to the outcomes that matter to your initiative. It ensures that everyone agrees and can communicate what you do and why it matters.

By the end of the outcome mapping process you will have produced and refined an outcome map that shows how your organisation, project or programme makes a difference. The Matter of Focus team will put this into OutNav and send you a report that you can share with colleagues for discussion. 

For more information about outcome mapping, see what is outcome mapping.

OutNav orientation session

This interactive workshop is for the people in your organisation who will be using OutNav. We don’t place a limit on the number of OutNav account holders your project in OutNav can have – so everybody that needs access can get it, with different levels of permissions as required. 

At this workshop your team will have the chance to learn the key features of OutNav and use their new skills to review and refine the outcome map developed in the outcome mapping workshop. 

Data audit workshop

In the data audit workshop, we will help you understand how much evidence is enough for your work. Together we will develop a strategy for data gathering and analysis that ensures you have the data you need to learn and improve and report effectively and efficiently to funders. We will then review your current data and identify gaps in your data collection.

At the end of the data auditing process, you will have a plan in OutNav that shows how your current data and feedback can help you evidence your outcomes and where more work is required.  

Data analysis workshop

In this workshop we will support you to bring together the data and evidence you have to generate an outcome-focused report in OutNav. We will provide guidance on what to include in a good report and how to blend qualitative and quantitative data with images and quotes to make your reports engaging. 

After the workshop we can help you refine this report so you can share it widely.  

OutNav gives us a streamlined way of pulling together data and reporting on our projects. It’s a great basis for sharing our approach with stakeholders and funders. 

Rhona Matheson – Chief Executive of Starcatchers 

Who should be in the workshops?

Embedding this way of working works best if everybody feels invested in the approach. We find it works well to invite diverse stakeholders to the context and success story, and outcome mapping workshops, including front line practitioners, people who use your services and partners.  We are experienced in bringing together often large and varied groups of people/stakeholders to reach a shared understanding of what matters.

After that a smaller evaluation or outcomes team can effectively take the work forward.

Getting the most out of this package

To make this process a success, your organisation will need:  

  • Capacity – every person involved throughout the process will need to be able to dedicate about 10 hours of time to the process. People attending just the context and success story, and outcome mapping workshops will not need to dedicate time beyond these workshops.
  • IT equipment – OutNav is a secure, cloud-based software which can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, however it is best used on a laptop or PC. The workshops will involve screen sharing and so not fully accessible from a mobile phone.
    For more on the security of OutNav, see Keeping your data secure in OutNav.

How much does a tailored support package cost?

The cost of tailored support for a relatively simple project or programme, or small organisation, starts at £5000 (plus VAT).

Costs increase for larger or more complex projects, programmes and organisations to reflect the extra time and resources taken to plan the work, engage larger groups of stakeholders or people with different accessibility requirements, and work across multiple outcome areas. 

Find out more

If you think we could help, we like to start with an informal chat about your initiative and your needs and requirements. Please send us a message and together we can find a good time to talk.

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