Are you struggling to use data well to understand and track the difference your work makes? In this webinar, impact expert Sarah Morton shares some next steps to help you.
  • Held live on 20 February 2024
  • Presented by Matter of Focus Co-Directors Sarah Morton and Ailsa Cook

Why this webinar?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have all of your data and evidence streamlined and ready for whenever you need to make a decision or demonstrate your impact?

Yet in the real world; you’re busy, your work is incredibly complex, you have little to no internal research capacity to help.

What data and information do you need? Where is it? What should you focus on? How do you bring it all together to tell a robust story of the difference your work makes?

It can be challenging to use data well to understand and track your impact. Particularly in an increasingly information-rich age. It can feel like the job of collecting and analysing feedback is never done and that the data you need for decision making or demonstrating impact is never there.

If you’re grappling with how to evidence the difference your work makes and are feeling confused and overwhelmed, you’re not alone: this is a challenge lots of our clients face.

This webinar aims to give you some practical next steps to help you bring together and analyse different kinds of data in real-world settings.

What we cover in this webinar:

  • Collecting and using data purposely
  • What do you need data for? What’s important about your work and what do you need to understand or demonstrate?
  • Assessing the strength of your evidence
  • How to stop paying attention to data you don’t need
  • Getting everyone into a ‘good enough’ data mindset so that you can learn and improve.

We share:

  • a practical framework for streamlining data and understanding change
  • some simple approaches to using data

Watch the webinar