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Build a shared understanding of what is important, how you make a difference and how you can improve.

Evidence and tell a meaningful story of your contribution to improving people's lives.

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Community of practice

Our community of practice provides a positive, constructive space for anyone working with OutNav and our approach to learn from each other. We run face to face events in Scotland and webinars.

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Benefits of our approach

Clients tell us that working with our approach brings many benefits including:

  • Helping secure funding.

    Having a clear understanding of your outcomes and how your project contributes to these will help you write a strong funding application. In addition, building in a robust and embedded evaluation process using OutNav enhances the credibility of your application.

  • Gaining buy-in from stakeholders and partners.

    Having clearly expressed and agreed outcomes is essential for successful communication.

    OutNav ensures evaluation is grounded in a language that everyone understands, enabling many people to contribute to the evaluation process.

    Being able to run reports at the touch of a button allows your team to share evaluation findings regularly with diverse stakeholders.

  • Getting everyone working together towards shared outcomes.

    Our approach takes you through an outcome mapping process that ensures clarity and agreement on the intended outcomes of your work and how activities will contribute to them.

    Whilst this might sound simple, many organisations we work with deliver complex programmes that involve working across competing priorities.

    Working to clear outcome maps enables everyone to move forward more confidently with a shared aim.

  • Promoting meaningful partnership working.

    Working with OutNav enables you to make explicit how the work of different partners contributes to agreed shared outcomes, ensuring all partner contributions are recognised. The evidence tells us that this is important for effective partnership working.

    With OutNav, everyone can agree a shared approach to evaluation and each partner can track and share their progress towards outcomes.

  • Ensuring effective monitoring and evaluating for learning and improvement.

    Using OutNav's structured analysis process will motivate you to analyse and report on your outcomes. It also provides you with the tools to share your findings widely.

    Going through the process of assessing progress towards outcomes and confidence in evidence immediately identifies opportunities for improvement.

    Engaging everyone that matters to the evaluation process means that this learning can be quickly translated into action.

Organisations using our approach