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Make better use of your data and information to learn, improve and tell an evidenced story of the difference your organisation is making. Stay focused on what matters.

Our approach

An introduction to the Matter of Focus approach

What we offer

Benefits of our approach

Our approach can be used by anyone:

  • For outcomes-based working

    Matter of Focus map your outcomes

    Understand and map how your activities contribute to the outcomes that matter to you using our innovative outcome mapping approach.

    Hold outcome maps in our software OutNav, track and evidence your progress against them so that you can learn, improve and report to funders.

  • For evaluation

    Matter of Focus tell you story

    Our software OutNav provides a single place for all your evaluation data and reporting.

    Map your theory of change, upload all your data sources, analyse data against outcome levels, and run attractive outcome-focused reports.

    Invite people to collect and load data straight into OutNav to save time and energy.

  • For improvement work

    Matter of Focus improve

    Show how your improvement collaborative or initiative really makes a difference.

    Set out your key improvement actions, and track these to essential outcomes.

    Use the data you already collect on single initiatives to build up a picture of how the programme makes a difference.

    Tell this story to funders and stakeholders.

  • For partnership working

    Matter of Focus collaborate

    Show how multiple partners contribute to the same outcomes.

    Understand and map each partner’s distinct contribution using our approach and pull together data in OutNav from across partners to demonstrate the difference your partnership has made to key outcomes.

    Give responsibility to each partner for their part in tracking the story.

  • For funders

    Matter of Focus progress

    Set up and track multiple projects in one place using the same criteria. We can work with you to establish a theory of change for any specific funding stream, and to identify key measures.

    Using our software OutNav you can share this with each funded project, enabling them to track progress and report on outcomes directly in the tool, using the same methods across all projects. You can then monitor this and pull everything together show what difference the funding stream has made.

  • For learning about innovation

    Matter of Focus contribute

    Focus on innovative change mechanisms and test how well they work.

    Our approach helps teams agree and articulate innovation and provides the tools and support to track and monitor change as it happens.

    This allows for learning and adaptation to ensure innovative projects meet their outcomes, and highlights the detail of what’s effective for sharing and spreading innovation.

We have been assessed and certified as a B Corporation.

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