A screenshot of OutNav software sits within an illustration of a desktop computer, alongside the text reads Live Demo Session. Can OutNav Help?
Join one of our monthly live demo sessions to explore whether OutNav is right for your organisation or initiative.  

OutNav is helping more than 130 pioneering, people-based change organisations and initiatives, where simple numbers are not enough to understand impacts.

OutNav is designed specifically to underpin the Matter of Focus approach to understanding and tracking complex, people-based change.

It is a tool to support you with a meaningful approach to outcome and impact focused evaluation, not a quick-fix ‘software solution’, which is why we encourage you to come along to one of our live demo webinars to explore whether OutNav can help your initiative.

Who are these sessions for?

If you are in the early stages of exploring whether OutNav can help your initiative understand and track the outcomes and impacts that matter, our live demo sessions are for you.

If you have joined OutNav recently and are looking for help with the tool or our approach, please join one of our twice weekly drop in help sessions where a member of our team will be delighted to give you an orientation session or help with any challenges.

What’s covered in the live demo session?

  1. The approach behind OutNav
  2. How OutNav is used at different levels, from simple project outcome monitoring and evaluation, programme evaluation, understanding organisational impact, to multi-partnership strategic implementation. 
  3. The main features of OutNav:
  • Outcome and impact mapping: reach a shared understanding of your theory of change
  • Tracking: assess your data and evidence and quickly visualise your progress
  • Reporting: easily share reports with key stakeholders, collaborators and funders.

What to expect

We host these sessions as Zoom meetings, which means that everyone ‘in the room’ is visible to each other, and usually this is a relatively small group of people.

We do not record these sessions.

When is the next live demo?

Our final scheduled demo of 2022 will take place on Thursday 15 December at 4 pm (GMT)

Let us know about your work when you register and we will be ready to give you our honest thoughts about whether OutNav is right for your initiative. 

Prefer a one to one demo?

We are happy to arrange an individual session, please request your one-to-one demo here.