We’re excited to announce that we have been accepted onto the 6th CivTech Accelerator, to work up our new care and support planning tool in response to a challenge sponsored by the Scottish Government Mental Health and Social Care Directorate.

CivTech brings public sector organisations that are facing a challenge together with businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs that have a vision for a product to solve it. Following a three-week exploration stage – during which up to three teams worked with our challenge sponsors, the CivTech team and other stakeholders to develop and refine their proposals – our proposal was chosen for the Accelerator stage.

Our idea is in response to a challenge presented by the Scottish Government Mental Health and Social Care Directorate: How can tech help people identify the care they need, and enable them to manage their own care services?

Our solution is a mobile-friendly, cloud-based tool that helps people stay at the centre of their care and support. By setting up a profile in the tool, people using health and social care services, or who are considering what extra help they need, will have one place to capture and share what matters to them in life and how services and supports can help.

Our vision is for a tool that keeps people in control – allowing them to decide who they share information with and when. The tool will also support a collaborative approach to planning care and support – including the person, their family and friends, and professionals.

Our plans for this tool build on Matter of Focus Co-Director Ailsa Cook’s many years of work into personal outcomes, but also our experiences of working with organisations across sectors who are all looking for better ways to capture the good conversations they have with the people they care about.

We are now on an intensive 15-week programme of fast-track product development. Together with our challenge sponsors, we are working on a prototype to prove our approach and that is capable of further development.

We are so excited to be working with the care at home team of the Scottish Government to develop a solution that will help people move forward towards personal outcomes with the right support.

Ailsa Cook

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