An Evaluation Stories webinar with the Children’s Parliament.

Our Evaluation Stories webinars share the pioneering work of organisations using OutNav to learn, improve, evidence and tell the story of the difference they make.

In this webinar we focus on our work with the Children’s Parliament to help them tell their story.

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About this work

How can you use data well to highlight the impact of your work?

How can you bring together different kinds of data, words, pictures, numbers to highlight your contribution?

These were the challenges that the Children’s Parliament set for a Creative Informatics project, sponsored by the University of Edinburgh, that Matter of Focus answered with collaborators from the design agency More Yum.

About the Children’s Parliament

Established in 1996, Children’s Parliament has grown to become Scotland’s centre of excellence for children’s participation and engagement.

Using creative, participatory methods (including murals, artwork, poetry, storytelling and films), Children’s Parliament support children from diverse backgrounds to express their views and experiences on what it means to be healthy, happy and safe and what this should look and feel like in their everyday lives. 

Their mission is to inspire greater awareness and understanding of the power of a children’s human rights-based approach and support the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

About the challenge

The Children’s Parliament wanted to unlock the value of their wide-ranging data across all of their thematic projects to highlight how taking a children’s rights approach led to better outcomes for children and young people. They wanted to get to the nuts and bolts of how a children’s rights approach makes a difference.

About this webinar

This webinar is introduced by Matter of Focus Director Sarah Morton, with contributions from Rona Blackwood (Head of Programmes) and Vicky Wan (Programme Manager Capacity Building) from the Children’s Parliament.

This Evaluation Stories webinar tells the story of how we worked together on this challenge. Specifically:

  • How creating an outcome map showcased a children’s rights approach
  • The challenge of identifying, organising and using disparate evidence and data
  • How we collaborated to build a visual reporting tool

Please watch if you are interested in:

  • Children’s rights
  • Outcome-based working
  • Evaluation approaches
  • Tracking impact
  • Tools for engaging communication

Watch the recording