Our Evaluation Stories webinars share the pioneering work of organisations using OutNav to learn, improve, evidence and tell the story of the difference they make.

This Evaluation Stories webinar focuses on the progress and learning from evaluation work carried out with East Ayrshire’s Thinking Differently Team within the Health and Social Care Partnership, one of four Pathfinder areas taking part in the Scottish Government’s pioneering Transforming Local Systems (TLS) Technology Enabled Care Pathfinder Programme.

Over the past two years, the team in East Ayrshire has been using the Scottish Approach to Service Design to ensure that the digitally enabled services and supports they develop really work. This process has involved taking time to…

  • discover what matters to the people in their local area, the Irvine Valley
  • work together to define a problem that can be addressed through the programme, before…
  • developing and delivering this solution.

This is a new way of working for many health and social care organisations and so a key plank of the programme has been a process of learning and evaluation, running alongside the programme.

About the webinar


  • Ailsa Cook, Co-Director of Matter of Focus
  • Cheryl Taylor, Thinking Differently Coordinator, East Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership
  • Sally Wilkes, Technology Enabled Care Community Connector, Council of Voluntary Organisations East Ayrshire
  • Aimee Ronald, Resource Worker & Data Analyst, Thinking Differently Team, East Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership (unfortunately Aimee was unable to attend on the day)

In this webinar you will hear how the team have brought together service design and evaluation approaches to reflect and learn as they go.

Who will find this webinar of interest

This webinar will be of interest to service designers and those working to transform health and social care services and supports and move to more digitally enabled ways of working.