East Ayrshire’s Thinking Differently Team within the Health and Social Care Partnership is one of four Pathfinder areas taking part in the Scottish Government’s pioneering Transforming Local Systems Technology Enabled Care Pathfinder Programme.

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is defined as “where outcomes for individuals in home or community settings are improved through the application of technology as an integral part of quality, cost effective care and support”. 

The Transforming Local Systems TEC Pathfinder Programme was established in 2019 to help local health and care systems to design preventative, digitally-enabled supports and services for citizens and stakeholders.   

In the process, the Pathfinder Programme team has provided four partnership areas with:

  • co-designed, tailored support
  • signposting to expertise around the Scottish Approach to Service Design
  • digital knowledge and skills
  • evaluation and shared learning. 

Matter of Focus has been working alongside the Pathfinders to support them in taking a developmental approach to the evaluation of this work.  

About East Ayrshire’s Pathfinder project

East Ayrshire’s Pathfinder project is specifically focusing on transforming health and social care systems for people with long-term health conditions living in the Irvine Valley. Central to achieving health and social care transformation, the programme takes a participatory and person-centred approach by adopting the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD).  

The East Ayrshire Pathfinder team has followed an iterative process across the SAtSD, involving citizens and stakeholders throughout their process.  

Summary findings from the discover/define stage of the project

This evaluation has been carried out in OutNav using the Matter of Focus approach. Matter of Focus supported the East Ayrshire pathfinder team in the development of their summary report from the first discover/define stage. This is part of the wider National Transforming Local Systems Pathfinder evaluation and will contribute to understanding how local pathfinders have worked alongside the National team and used the Scottish Approach to Service Design.

Thumbnail image of the summary report's cover

East Ayrshire Transforming Local Systems TEC Pathfinder Summary Report

Download pdf (2MB)

Recorded live in 2022, this Evaluation Stories webinar focuses on the progress and learning from evaluation work carried out with East Ayrshire’s Thinking Differently Team within the Health and Social Care Partnership, one of the Pathfinder areas taking this Programme.

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