This webinar will share key lessons from our work with pioneering programmes that are developing new approaches to transforming health and social care systems to be more digitally enabled. It will be of interest to anyone commissioning, leading and managing health and social care digital transformation programmes.
  • Wednesday, 6 December
  • 12.30–1.30pm (GMT)
  • Live webinar on MS Teams
  • Free, registration required
  • Presenter: Dr Ailsa Cook
  • Chair: Bouchra Atkinson
  • Guest speaker: Karim Mahmoud, Commercial Innovation Lead, Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre
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We’re delighted to host this webinar as part of
DigiFest23‘s programme of Satellite Sessions.

Why this webinar?

Being able to describe and evaluate the difference that digital and data-driven innovations make is essential to ensuring they contribute to a more efficient and helpful health and care system and, ultimately, improved outcomes for people.

Digital transformation is a complex process that is as much about change management and service redesign as it is about IT.

Investing in digital transformation programmes can require substantial resources and can prove hard to implement in real world settings, especially when they must engage many people within a complex system. Capturing learning throughout the process and gathering evidence on effective approaches becomes crucial for scaling up transformation across the system.

Our experience

At Matter of Focus we’ve had the pleasure of working with pioneering programmes developing new approaches to transforming health and social care systems to be more digitally enabled. From this work, we know that traditional approaches to evaluation can be hard to operationalise in the context of these complex projects and can miss some of the key factors that create the conditions for impact.

Through our work, we have identified essential lessons that any organisation looking to evaluate digital transformation programmes in health and social care should consider. Join us at this webinar to learn more.

What we’ll cover

In this webinar we will share key lessons from our work evaluating transformation programmes, including:

  • Why it’s important to embed evaluation throughout the transformation process, evaluating process and outcomes.
  • The value of creating a theory of change for the programme that ensures everyone involved has a shared understanding of how their work contributes to improving outcomes for people and the wider system.
  • Why it’s essential to pay attention to the context for implementation and capture and account for how wider factors are shaping the change process.
  • The time it takes for impacts to emerge from these programmes and the importance of capturing evidence about changes to the context for innovation that allow change to be embedded and sustained.
  • The benefits of building on existing frameworks and standards for service design and digital implementation in assessing quality and effectiveness.

We are delighted to be joined by Karim Mahmoud from the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre who will be sharing experiences of embedding evaluation into the Rural Centre of Excellence for Digital Health and Care in Moray.  

Registration to attend and for the recording

This webinar will be held on MS Teams. You do not need an account to access the webinar.

We hope you can join us live so that we can answer any questions you may have. Please register your place. After registering, keep an eye out for your confirmation email.

Everyone that registers will also receive a link to the recording in the days after the webinar.