OutNav has won its first award - the People's Choice at the 2019 MERL Tech Dashboard Contest in Washington DC.

The competition was part of the 2019 MERL Tech Conference, which explores the role of technology in monitoring, evaluation, research and learning in global development and social impact work.

Eight dashboards were pitched in the judged main plenary session. OutNav was expertly showcased by our co-founder and director Ailsa Cook. In contrast to the many quantitative data visualisation dashboards of charts and maps, OutNav stood out as the only tool to handle qualitative data analysis. 

Clearly the meaningful functionality of OutNav resonated with the MERL Tech delegates as they awarded it the People’s Choice award.

I was really delighted that my pitch for OutNav was voted the People’s Choice winner at the dashboard competition and that I got such great feedback about OutNav across the conference and through our contact with people after it. So many people reflected how good it was to see a tool that was accessible and meaningful.” Ailsa Cook

Ailsa Cook, co-director of Matter of Focus

We have had a really positive response since the conference from organisations in the US, Canada and Europe. One of our own OutNav reports which we shared at the conference has travelled well, clocking up more than 150 views at the time of writing. (Just over one year later and we’re up to 982 views, as of October 2020!)

screen shot of OutNav software live report dashboard
Our OutNav project overview page lets us see how many view our live reports have had.