Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the context in which we work and deliver our public services.

This video is a recording of an interactive live webinar, held during the COVID-19 lock-down in early June 2020.

In it Matter of Focus co-director Ailsa Cook discusses the importance of being able to talk about the changing context of public service work, before introducing the ISM Framework, a tool we use with our clients to talk about and understand context.  

The webinar was attended by people leading and planning people-based projects, programmes and services who – in breakout rooms – had the opportunity to use the ISM to discuss the changing context of their work during the Covid-19 crisis. The feedback from these discussions was used to build up a picture of how the work of our public services is changing with COVID-19 (a link to this is available below the video).

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View a pdf copy
of the online whiteboard pulling together the changes in context that were surfaced during the live webinar discussion.

Text reads: Understand the unique context of your work

In conjunction with watching this video and for further guidance on using the ISM framework, see our post Understand the unique context of your work.

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