Our Evaluation Stories webinars share the pioneering work of organisations using OutNav to learn, improve, evidence and tell the story of the difference they make.

This is a recording of a live Evaluation Stories webinar held on 5th March 2020 with the Lothian House of Care Collaboration between Thistle Foundation and NHS Lothian.

In this webinar, Rachel Hardie (NHS Lothian), Nichola Ma (Thistle) and Julie Gardner (Thistle) talk about one of the areas of work the Lothian House of Care has been involved in – the long term conditions programme, which started in 2015.

They share their experience of working with OutNav, how they got into it and the way they have been using it for their evaluation; and give examples of how reflective data gathering approaches can be used to support practice.

About this work

The Lothian House of Care Collaboration works to embed a more personal outcome focused, preventative and strengths-based approach to supporting people living with long term conditions.

At the heart of their approach is a focus on good conversations at every level of the system, and building partnerships with the voluntary sector. This empowers everyone to take action to improve services and support.

Over the past three years the Lothian House of Care Collaboration has been using the Matter of Focus approach and OutNav to evaluate the contribution of their work to:

  • improving outcomes for people with long term conditions, as well as staff,
  • addressing health inequalities, and
  • transforming the system to be more preventative and personal outcomes focused.

Who will find this webinar of interest?

This webinar will be of interest to anyone interested in:

  • complex health transformation work
  • supporting people living with long term health conditions
  • health inequalities
  • outcome-focused approaches
  • healthcare improvement
  • using data and evidence effectively

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