Join Dr Ailsa Cook and Dr Simon Bradstreet for expert insights, real world case studies and actionable strategies to help you understand and track the difference your work in social care makes.

Making the case for your work and being clear about the difference you make

Social care organisations are under more pressure than ever to make the case for their work and to report on the difference their work makes to the people they support.

Meaningfully evaluating the outcomes from social care and support is notoriously hard to do. Many social care organisations are plagued by requests for ‘outcome’ data that misses the real impacts of the complex and nuanced work that they do.

Owning your outcomes

To effectively evaluate your work within this sector, it’s critical to be clear about:

  • what outcomes are,
  • how your work contributes to outcomes, and
  • how you can meaningfully measure and evidence progress towards outcomes.

This also enables you to ‘own your outcomes’ which is vital to working effectively with funders and commissioners, especially if your organisation needs to report to multiple funders or decision making bodies.

About this webinar

This webinar will be delivered by Matter of Focus Co-Director and outcomes expert Dr Ailsa Cook.

Ailsa has spent the past 15 years exploring this issue with 100s of colleagues and organisations, most recently in our work at Matter of Focus. In this webinar she will share learning from this work, including:

  • Different ways of thinking about outcomes in social care.
  • What is and isn’t possible in measuring and evaluating outcomes in social care.
  • A tried and tested approach to measuring and evaluating outcomes in practice.
  • Case examples from social care organisations that evaluate outcomes and, critically, use this information to ensure they make the biggest difference possible to the people and communities they support.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions. We will answer as many as time allows and follow up by email with answers to any questions we don’t get to.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for anyone working in social care who is looking to improve practice either around focusing on outcomes for people in their work or in evaluating and telling a strong story of how their work contributes to improving outcomes for people.

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