If you’re part of or responsible for a partnership, where together you are working towards outcomes or a vision for change…

  • Are you struggling to coordinate the work across partners, while staying focused on what is important?

  • Would you like to understand the specific contribution of each partner to the change you are working towards?

We’ve worked with many partnerships, alliances and consortiums to help them understand and stay focused on the change they seek whilst allowing each partner to bring their unique contribution and ways of working.

This can help demonstrate how the partnership collectively adds up to more than its parts, and how each partner brings their specific approach to making a difference.

  • Come together across the partnership to understand and agree on the change you are working towards.

  • Highlight the contribution of partners.

  • Be able to report to funders on how you made a difference, and how each partner played their part.

  • Use data and evidence well to illustrate and claim your impact.

How we help

By working together to create an outcome map, partners can agree on the change they seek together. We can facilitate this partnership discussion to ensure all voices are heard and allowing each partner organisation to fully participate in an equal way.

Once we have created and agreed an outcome map, each partner can create their own pathway through this map to show how they make a difference. These can be tracked in our unique, award-winning software OutNav to demonstrate each partner’s contribution to change and how the partnership as a whole makes a difference to the people and communities you care about.

This can be a useful approach for multi-organisation partnerships, collective forums and other collaborative ways of working.

Some of our work with collaborative partnerships