Many intermediary organisations want to say more about how their work makes a difference to outcomes. Edinburgh Community Health Forum (ECHF) - a collective of community-based third sector organisations in Edinburgh - is one of these.

ECHF supports member organisations by:

  • creating opportunities for members to connect and learn from each other.
  • advocating for a community-led approach to addressing health inequalities and improving the health and wellbeing of people and communities across the city.
  • being the voice of the organisations in discussions with wider stakeholders and funders.

ECHF and members faced the following challenges and approached Matter of Focus for support to tackle them:

  • How to report to multiple funders in a way that is more streamlined and less labour intensive.
  • How to track and collect data in order to report and evaluate in a meaningful way.
  • How to consolidate and embed learning from evaluations to improve their services.
  • How to better tell their stories and show the difference that they make.

We have been working with ECHF since 2018, supporting them to use OutNav to tell the story of the difference they make. This case study gives an overview of our work together.

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Working together to improve health and wellbeing in Edinburgh:

How we know we collectively make a difference (pdf)

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