We're proud to publish our independent evaluation of the Life Changes Trust Advisory Group (Young People with Care Experience Programme), co-commissioned by the Trust alongside the young Advisors.

About the Life Changes Trust Advisory Group

The Life Changes Trust Advisory Group brings together young people who have all experienced care at some point in their lives, and who contribute to a range of work both internal and external to the Trust, including co-producing individual grants programmes. This co-production approach is valued highly by the Trust, as they believe ‘the voice of lived experience is the key to transformational change’.

Our evaluation

At the start of 2020, Matter of Focus was appointed to carry out an independent evaluation of the Advisory Group – an evaluation that was co-commissioned by the Trust alongside the young Advisors.

Working in close collaboration with the Group and the Trust staff with our outcomes-based evaluation process, we have sought to understand the Group’s impact on volunteer Advisors themselves, the Life Changes Trust as an organisation, and the wider community of young people with care experience.

six infinitely looped circles in a row, each containing a step in our evaluation process: Literature & Document Review, Context Analysis, Outcome Mapping, Data Collection & Analysis, Collaborative Analysis, Dialogue and Reporting
The phases of work in this evaluation. The looped circles reflect an iterative process rather than linear.

This extensive piece of work, which involved navigating the challenges of the pandemic restrictions, has been hugely rewarding.

It has been a privilege to work with the Advisors so closely and to have their trust to tell their story, which has so much potential to inform the work of others. We have learned so much through putting together contribution stories of the impact of the Advisory Group; and finding the language of impact for this kind of work.”

Helen Berry, Senior Research Consultant at Matter of Focus and co-author of the report

A key part of this work was the way that the young Advisors were involved at every stage in the evaluation, and we will be sharing more about our practices and experiences of this soon.

We are taking forward what we have learned in our support of other clients that are also looking to foreground the views and knowledge of people with lived experience.

Read the report

A highlights report on the evaluation can be found on the Life Changes Trust website, along with more information about the Trust’s work.

A thumbnail image of a report cover

If you would like to read our full evaluation report, you can download it below.

Download pdf

Join the online learning event

At an online learning event to be hosted by the Life Changes Trust on 23 November 2021, Matter of Focus co-director Sarah Morton and Senior Research Consultant Helen Berry will share key findings from this outcomes-based evaluation of the Life Changes Trust Advisory Group.

There will also be a viewing of the Advisory Group’s film ‘Side by Side’, produced with media co-op, which gives an insight into the co-production approach that is so vital to this initiative.

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