An Evaluation Stories webinar about how we worked with the Life Changes Trust Advisory Group (Young People with Care Experience)

Our Evaluation Stories webinars share the pioneering work of organisations using OutNav to learn, improve, evidence, and tell the story of the difference they make.

In this webinar we focus on moments in our evaluation process that create opportunities for co-production or the meaningful participation of those with lived experience of the issue.

We share some of our learning points, reflections, and practical ways of working, using our work on the evaluation of the Life Changes Trust Young People with Care Experience Programme Advisory Group as a case study.

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About this work

Matter of Focus worked on an external evaluation of the Life Changes Trust Advisory Group over a period of 18 months, reporting in October 2021. Members of the Life Changes Trust Advisory Group are volunteers, all with their own experiences of care at some point in their lives. They provided advice and led specific initiatives alongside the Trust. The evaluation followed our innovative theory of change approach.

About this webinar

Findings from this evaluation have been expertly shared by the Life Changes Trust and the Advisors themselves. This webinar tells our story, as evaluators, in trying to keep with the spirit of co-production in working with the Group at each stage of the evaluation process while making things manageable.

This webinar is led by Helen Berry, Senior Research Consultant, who had a leading role in this evaluation, and introduced by Dr Ailsa Cook, Director of Matter of Focus.

We’re delighted that Mhairi Reid (formerly Evidence and Influencing Co-ordinator at Life Changes Trust) and Catriona Kelly (formerly Senior Evidence and Influencing Officer at Life Changes Trust) could join us in conversation about this work.

One distinctive feature of this work was that findings were communicated not only through written reports but also through a film produced by project partners media co-op and co-produced with members of the Advisory Group. This was one of the moments or opportunities for participation.

The portion of the film, Side by Side: The Magic of Co-production, is screened during the webinar. You can watch the complete film on YouTube.

Who we think will find this webinar of interest

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who wants to commission or carry out evaluation or self-evaluation, alongside people with lived experience of the issue. It will also interest members of our OutNav Community who are or who wish to involve the people their work serves in their practice of tracking impact.

It may also be for people who want to reflect on or promote more generally the values of meaningful participation/co-production.

Watch the recording