Our approach

Learn, improve, evidence and tell the story of the difference you make

What we do and why

We provide tools and techniques to bring together evidence, data and evaluation to ensure that projects and programmes work successfully towards outcomes, are successful and adaptable, and can demonstrate that success to funders, service-users and other stakeholders.

Who is our approach for?

We have developed our practical and robust approach for teams and organisations working towards a vision for social change, who know that numbers alone can’t tell the full story of the difference they make.

What to expect from the Matter of Focus approach:

Support and help on your outcome and impact evaluation journey

Our approach takes you through a tried and tested process of mapping your outcomes and impacts, identifying data and evidence, tracking progress and reporting in an outcome-focused way.

Understand the outcomes and impacts that matter

Using our innovative and participatory outcome mapping approach, we will work with your team or organisation to understand and build consensus about how activities lead to outcomes or impact and what is needed to understand change.

Understand and work well with context

Our approach to talking about context that uses the 'ISM Framework' to help you identify the factors that arise in individual, social and material contexts you need consider when setting up or evaluating an initiative.

Get the data and evidence you need

We help you audit, streamline and improve the data, evidence and feedback you need to understand, track and report on your work.

Visualise your progress and the strength of your evidence

Our innovative software OutNav supports you with a method for analysing feedback, evidence and data, and provides a simple way of visualising progress towards outcomes and confidence in data.

Report in an outcome-focused way

We will take your through a structured process of reporting on different levels of activities and outcomes to tell a great story of the difference your team or organisation makes.

Outnav feature


Our innovative cloud-based software Outnav, takes you on a logical and user-friendly journey through steps to develop a meaningful and practical approach to outcome-focused monitoring and evaluation. Make effective use of your data and information to monitor and evaluate your outcome-focused projects, without the need for specialist research skills or external evaluators.

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Support services

We provide face to face and virtual support services to help you on your outcome evaluation journey. We can support you to map your outcomes, develop theories of change, collect and analyse data to evidence your work, and help with reporting.

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